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Tesla To Allow Other Vehicles To Charge Using Network


Tesla has announced that over 50% of its Supercharger network in Ireland is opening up to Non-Tesla vehicles. Launched in November 2021, the Non-Tesla Supercharger programme is expanding to Ireland in support of Tesla’s mission to accelerate the Irish transition to sustainable energy. Today, selected stations in Ireland are being opened to non-Tesla owners across Dublin, Cork, Athenry, Enfield and Tralee. 

2 locations and 14 individual Superchargers are opening up in Ireland to Non-Tesla vehicles, part of a wider network of 50 Supercharger stalls across 9 locations in Ireland. Superchargers are designed and built by Tesla, charging up to 275km in 15 minutes rather than hours. Since the beginning of 2023, Tesla owners have Supercharged over 11 million kilometres in Ireland, offsetting 2.4 million kilograms of CO2.  

Access to an extensive, convenient and reliable fast-charging network is critical for large-scale EV adoption. Since opening the first Superchargers in 2012 Tesla have been committed to rapid expansion of the network.  Since 2014, Tesla has planned to open up the Supercharger network in tandem with its mission to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy. 

It is worth noting Tesla Superchargers offers a plug-and-play solution with no card readers or payment terminals required for Tesla owners who can simply plug their car to start charging. For Non-Tesla vehicles, charging and payment is handled within the Tesla app. Additional information about the programme can be found on the Non-Tesla Supercharger Pilot Support page via this link