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Suzuki Teams Up With Computers 4 Charity


Suzuki is very pleased to announce its collaboration with Computers 4 Charity, a long established and renowned not-for-profit organisation that reuses computer equipment for those in need around the world who otherwise would have no opportunity to own a computer or laptop. Suzuki will donate 130 of its laptops to the charity during December.

The laptops were used previously across the Suzuki Dealer Network for training and diagnostic purposes and have recently been replaced with newer specification models. Computers 4 Charity erase all data and provide certification of this to ensure the fully serviceable devices can be used immediately and safely by recipients for years to come. The Suzuki laptops will remain protected for the future too as all have a hard carry case included.

Honorary Chief Executive of Computers 4 Charity, George Cook comments: “We thank Suzuki for generously donating five pallets of laptops to those in need. Your gift of laptops will help hospice patients receive safe remote health assessments from doctors and nurses, reducing the risk of infection. Unemployed veterans, who have a high rate of homelessness and suicide, will be able to job search and apply for employment on-line, improving their life chances. Volunteers will be able to support the charities they serve in a better way, young carers can keep up with their classmates and school-children in Africa receive a World standard education.

Suzuki has creativity at its heart, and its heart is creative in the way it helps the community”.

For Suzuki, Mark Czarnecki, General Manger, IT comments, “My affiliation with computers4charity spans 15 years. The service they provide is second to none, donating computer equipment to charity has never been easier, the service is seamless and backed by a certified data wipe. The result is commendable, developing digital ecosystems for schools both local and around the world. In addition, the kit donated is tracked so you can follow the good news story”

Computers 4 Charity, founded by Microsoft and personally supported by Bill Gates, thanks Suzuki for helping those in the community who are most in need. We congratulate Suzuki for facilitating the re-use of electrical equipment, which is far more environmentally responsible than recycling the raw materials or as waste going to landfill.

This great opportunity to work with the charity to re-use a large number of its laptops fits well with Suzuki’s company ethos and the Japanese art of craftsmanship ‘Monozukuri’ which denotes ‘smaller, fewer, lighter, shorter and neater’ is applied to not only its products but also in eliminating unnecessary waste across the company as a whole.