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Suzuki Remains A Reliable Choice!



This years Warranty Direct survey which has been published by a number of magazines has seen Suzuki’s renowned reputation for reliability reinforced with another strong result. The lower the number, the more reliable the brand, and Suzuki’s score of just 48 points was considerably lower than the average score across all manufacturers measured which was 149. This left Suzuki in second place overall across the 37 manufacturers this year and joined seven other Japanese manufacturers in the top 10. The Reliability Index takes into account all factors of a repair including the cost of parts, frequency of failures as well as time off the road. Suzuki cars measured in the survey had an average age of 5.35 years, kilometres of 63,085 (39,200 miles) with time off the road of just 1.93 hours in the event of a warranty claim.

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There were no nasty surprises in store either as the average repair cost across the Suzuki range was €307 which was the lowest of all manufacturers. In the Supermini / City car segment, Suzuki’s low cost of ownership was highlighted even further with the Alto model at an average of 5.15 years old ranking as one of the cheapest cars to repair at just €142. Alto achieved a Reliability Index score of just 14 points with an average time off the road of only 1.2 hours. Suzuki’s reputation of low cost of ownership continues with extended service intervals of 20,000kms on the recently launched Celerio, Vitara and S-Cross models. All Suzuki models are covered by a three-year/100,000-Kilometer new vehicle warranty, three year Suzuki Assistance, providing 24-hour Ireland and European roadside assistance, recovery and associated services; and by a 12-year perforation warranty. It’s not difficult to see you are in safe hands purchasing a Suzuki.