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Stunning Renault Talisman Not For Ireland


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The new Renault Talisman ticks all the boxes that D-segment customers have come to appreciate from a luxury saloon. Aside from being extremely good looking it has a warm, spacious cabin with ample room for all occupants and front seats among the very best in the Talisman’s class, plus an impressively big boot. The centre console features a seven-inch digital instrument display under the dashboard cowling, R-Link2 with 8.7-inch screen, colour head-up display technology, BOSE Surround Sound and hands-free parking. Renaults new Multi-Sense technology is also used to match the mood of the driver. The Talisman is the only D-segment saloon car to combine 4Control four-wheel steering with active damping, allowing it to deliver unique road manners, plus safe, dynamic, agile handling, and outstanding ride comfort.

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All these innovations combine to make the Talisman an executive saloon that will appeal not only thanks to its styling but also through a pleasurable experience for both drivers and passengers alike. The Talisman is built to the very highest quality standards and meticulous attention has been paid to every detail, including, notably, the depth and lustre of its paint. Low running costs, plus low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions also figure prominently amongst the Talisman’s core strengths. The Renault Talisman, together with the Estate version are designed to play an active part in the renewal and upgrading of Renault’s high-end range. Both vehicles will be manufactured at the firm’s Douai plant in France. Following its unveil to the media on 6th July, 2015, the Renault Talisman  along with the Estate version will be presented at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, which opens its gates to the public on 17th September. The Talisman will be available for sale in Europe at the end of the year. The sad news is that there is no current plans for Talisman to be sold in the United Kingdom or Ireland. We await more clarification on this.