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Staggering 7,750 Dacias Registered Since 2013


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Talk about having the right product at the right time. Since the launch of the Dacia back in 2013, over 7,750 Dacia vehicles have been registered, with the full range of vehicles now available, including Sandero, Sandero Stepway, Duster, Duster Commercial and Logan MCV. Although less than three years in the market, Dacia currently commands 12th place in the car market in Ireland, ahead of well established brands such as Peugeot, Mercedes, and Mazda. Since 2013, over 4,300 Dusters have been registered in Ireland, Duster being the first shockingly affordable Dacia to arrive on Irish shores. Sandero, the super affordable compact supermini, available from just  €99 per month has seen almost 3,000 registered, with Logan MCV, with the biggest boot in its class, and Duster Commercial, also selling well since launch. In September and October, the Duster was the best-selling car in its segment, and the second best-selling car in the Irish market overall, showing just how popular this key model has become. In just over ten years since the brand’s revival, Dacia has won more than 3,500,000 customers in Europe and the Mediterranean basin and is continuing to grow its market share in Ireland.

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Patrick Magee, Operations Manager for Renault Group in Ireland: “In reaching this milestone, Dacia confirms its success thanks to a clear and simple promise that perfectly meets the expectations of customers seeking safe, reliable cars with modern features and services at affordable prices. We are delighted how the brand has been welcomed into Ireland and in less than three short years, is now commanding market share above well established brands. It is Ireland’s fastest growing car brand and is also the country’s first choice ‘smart buy’ car brand, and combined with its shockingly affordable value for money and no-nonsense approach, has gained a considerable Dacia fan base and we are now seeing return Dacia customers”.

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With its ‘Do the Maths’ strapline, it’s not hard to see why economist David McWilliams now drives a 152 Dacia Duster and former international women’s rugby captain and maths teacher Fiona Coghlan has a new 152 Stepway in her driveway! It’s a similar situation of growth in Europe for Dacia, with sales increasing by 5.5 per cent during the first half of the year to 205,436 units. In France, Dacia steadfastly remains in fifth place on the passenger vehicle market, with 5.3 per cent of market share, and in fourth place overall for retail customer sales.