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Porsche Centre Taking Orders For New Spyder


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We are all Porsche fans here in Rev.ie and its nice to see the marque thriving with a growing lineup. The new range-topping Boxster retains the coolness of the previous Spyder, which is now a collector car. Like its predecessor the classic fabric roof is still opened and closed by hand, and the Spyder is only available with a manual transmission. This beast offers a traditional sports-car driving experience but with the latest performance. You get firm sports suspension with a 20 mm lower ride height, powerful brakes taken from the 911 Carrera, direct steering, and that meaty 3.8-litre flat six-cylinder engine producing 375 hp.

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This is a car that’s guaranteed to give you a genuine sports-car experience thanks to the unique lightweight set up. It takes just 4.5 seconds for the Boxster Spyder to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h, and it will touch 289km/h or 180 mph. NEDC overall fuel consumption amounts to 28.5 mpg (9.9 l/100 km). As a tribute to the 718 Spyder from the 1960s, the new Boxster Spyder has two prominent streamlined bulges that extend down along the long rear lid behind the head restraints. The front and rear end of the Spyder are taken from the Cayman GT4.

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The interior of the new Boxster is also superb as you would expect with light sports bucket seats and large side supports. A new steering wheel with a diameter of 360 mm helps you precisely man handle the Boxster on demanding circuits. In line with the model’s past neither a radio nor air conditioning is included as standard equipment in order to keep the weight down. Both can be ordered ex-factory as optional equipment at no extra cost. You can also order the Porsche Communication Management (PCM) system with all of its special features. The cars are due on forecourts in July.

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