This year’s Paris Motor Show will afford Peugeot the opportunity to present three world premieres as they continue to build on previous success of their SUV models. Following the successful launch of the 2008 SUV in Europe, Peugeot will present two new SUV’s to the European market in Paris; the 3008 SUV and the 7 seater 5008 SUV. The all new 3008 DKR from Peugeot Sport will also makes its debut at the event hoping to continue Peugeot’s success at the Dakar last season.


As the C segment SUV market continues to expand at an exciting rate, Peugeot will hope to capitalise on the success of their previous 2008 model as they set their sights firmly on the SUV market. The new 3008 will benefit from new and class leading technology and the new digital Peugeot i-Cockpit®. Having already had the opportunity to see the new 3008 in the flesh it promises not to disappoint. Following its launch at the Paris Motor Show it will go on sale in Ireland from January 2017. Pricing has yet to be announced.


With the new 5008 SUV, Peugeot hopes to break new ground with a large seven seater SUV. The new 5008 will also feature the new digital Peugeot i-Cockpit®. From a functionality point of view, all seven seats are individual which allows considerable versatility. The seats in the second row are entirely independent, identical, adjustable and foldable whilst the third row of seats are foldable and easy to remove which delivers 780 litres of boot space. We can expect to see the new 5008 SUV on Irish shores in Spring 2017.

When it comes to the all new 3008 DKR, Peugeot Sport has again been let loose. Their efforts have concentrated on the suspension cooling system in order to further improve the handling whilst the engine was also a major focus of work as new FIA rules come into force regarding air restrictors for two-wheel drive vehicles.