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Opel Launch The New Astra Sports Tourer




Today Opel introduced the Sports Tourer guise of their “Car of the Year” winning new Astra to the motoring press in Porto, Portugal.  We were due to be in attendance however French air traffic control went on their near monthly strike and it wasn’t to be so. However the show must go on. After the successful market launch of the five-door version of the new generation Astra a few months ago, the Sports Tourer is now eagerly waiting in the wings and will be at dealerships in the spring. Opel has already received more than 130,000 orders for the five-door and Sports Tourer variants. The youngest member of the compact class estate car generation follows a tradition to which Opel has continuously been loyal since it introduced its first Kadett A CarAvan in 1963.  So far, 5.4 million of the 24 million Kadett and Astra sold have been estate car versions. The new Astra Sports Tourer is the 10th generation of an Opel compact estate. It comes with the same trendsetting development features as its five-door sibling. The Astra Sports Tourer is based on a completely new lightweight vehicle architecture that will make it up to around 190 kilograms lighter than the outgoing model. Given that the estate will also be combined with the latest generation engines, Opel promise that the Astra Sports Tourer will be punchier, livelier and more fun to drive. Simultaneously, fuel consumption has been curbed giving it convincing attributes for company car and frequent drivers who often look to both practical and representative estate cars.

The engine portfolio for the Sports Tourer will feature the 1.6-litre whisper diesel in 110PS and 136PS outputs, emitting just 96g/km and 101g/km of CO2 respectively. Both come with a six-speed manual transmission, while the 136PS version is available with a six-speed automatic transmission from the SC trim upwards. The petrol line-up includes the pocket rocket 1.0-litre Turbo 105PS with a five-speed manual transmission (100g/km CO2) as well as the new Easytronic transmission (97g/km CO2).  A 1.4-litre 100PS naturally aspirated unit is available in the S and SC trims (127g/km CO2) while the 1.4-litre Turbo engine (150PS, 130g/km CO2) is available in the SRi and Elite trims. Both units are available with a six-speed manual transmission.


Just like its five-door sibling, the Astra Sports Tourer will be available with Opel OnStar and the new IntelliLink infotainment systems ensuring that it has an ultramodern and extensive connectivity offer. The same applies to the numerous safety and assistance systems along with the equipment features previously only known from cars from higher segments. And last but not least, the new Astra Sports Tourer will turn heads with its elegant, lean and athletic styling. The aerodynamics and interior demonstrate perfectly just how intelligent the design and the entire packaging are. With a cd-value of 0.272, the Astra Sports Tourer is just as efficient as the five-door version. Furthermore, the newcomer has exactly the same dimensions as the outgoing model but is considerably more spacious inside. Occupants can enjoy more headroom, more legroom in the back and loading space has been increased by 80 litres to 1,630 litres in total. In general, the new Astra Sports Tourer offers more all-round comfort. This makes the Astra Sports Tourer the perfect car for everyday use as a comfortable company or a multifunctional family car.

Pricing for the Opel Astra Sports Tourer will start at €21,195 including VAT and VRT.