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New SUV AND Urban Crossover Tyre From BFGoodrich


We have just been informed that BFGoodrich have introduced their new Urban Terrain T/A all-season tyre for SUV and urban crossover vehicles which is available in Ireland from October.  Born from BFGoodrich’s off-road expertise, the Company says this tyre, which is built for high performance, braking grip and long tread life, stands up to all the challenges of city driving, from pavements to potholes, thanks to its 20 per cent stronger cord casing.

© Photo François Berrué  tel : 0609245160

Billed as a 90 per cent on-road and 10 per cent off-road tyre, the Urban Terrain T/A is certified for winter use, due to its heavily siped cross-grooving, designed to provide excellent traction on snow, mud and cold roads.  The Urban Terrain T/A is Available in 18 sizes for a wide range of SUVs and crossovers including the Dacia Duster, Hyundai iX35, Kia Sportage, Opel Mokka, Nissan Qashqai, Suzuki Vitara, Range Rover, Ford Kuga, Jeep Cherokee, Volkswagen Touareg or Tiguan.