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New Renault Twingo Continues To Impress


We recently spent some time driving the new Renault Twingo and had a blast. It’s a car full of character and was recently awarded the title of “Best Answer to the City Car Dilemma” in the 2015 GQ Car Awards. Renault’s recently-launched city car is one of just eight production cars to pick up an award and at a third of the price of the base model of the next most affordable car, the stylish and practical Twingo still turned heads amongst its supercar and exotic rivals.

Add to this award the fact that it has now picked up several major awards including the ‘City Car of the Year’ in the 2014 TopGear Magazine Awards and its fast becoming a good news story for Renault. Powered be a rear mounted 1.0 litre engine that drives the back wheels the Twingo feels different in many ways to drive but ultimately rewards. The new Twingo went on sale in Ireland in September 2014 winning critical praise for its charm, looks, clever packaging and innovative rear-engined, rear-wheel-drive layout. The Twingo, now in its third generation, is available with a choice of two efficient petrol engines, three trim levels, including many personalisation options and is priced from €13,990.

Speaking about the Twingo GQ said: “There’s more to the Twingo than the de rigeur small-car visage and graphics.  It’s powered by a frothy little rear-mounted, three-cylinder turbocharged engine; an unusual setup that improves interior space and adds a welcome USP.  Fun, in a nutshell.”

Here at Rev.ie we tend to agree! Don’t pick the baby blue colour though.