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My SKODA Loyalty Programme


SKODA Ireland has introduced a new club, exclusively for SKODA owners called the My SKODA Loyalty Programme. The club offers rewards for SKODA customers, who can earn points with each service at their local SKODA retailer, the points are also redeemable against the purchase of a new car. Customers can benefit from 10% off genuine SKDOA Accessories and get great deals with SKODA’s range of partners, these include Apple, Aer Lingus, Dell, Elvery Sports and Tesco amongst others. The My SKODA Loyalty Programme is available free of charge to all new and existing SKODA drivers. To apply for membership just visit www.myskoda.ie/join Commenting on the announcement Mark Hayes, Head of After Sales, SKODA Ireland said, “Today’s announcement marks a significant milestone in the development of ŠKODA service for ŠKODA Ireland. The My ŠKODA Loyalty Programme allows us to give something back to our customers whether it’s discounts on premium brands or free vehicle health checks. It helps our customers maintain their ŠKODA to the highest standards which gives assurance that you will still enjoy the best residual value for your car in the future.”