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Michelin Launches New Motorcycle Tyre


Michelin has launched the new ‘B’ version of its popular Pilot Road 3 sport touring tyre designed specifically for large touring bikes including the BMW K1600GT. Michelin claims the Pilot Road 3 has become the benchmark sport touring tyre for riders wanting to ride year-round in all weathers due to its patented X-Sipe technology. This features a combination of sipes and wells in the tread pattern which cut through the surface film of water, and aid water dispersion, offering grip levels similar to that of a dry road.b The tyre also uses the latest version of Michelin’s Two-Compound Technology (2CT), designed to help the Pilot Road 3 offer an impressive tyre life due to its more wear-resistant centre tread rubber compound and softer shoulder areas, which improve grip in corners. The new ‘B’ version is available in 190/55 ZR17 size.