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Ford On Track To Achieve Full Year Market Leadership


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The midpoint of the year is upon use and it looks like Ford has emerged as the leading automotive brand in Ireland with combined sales of over 15,000 cars and vans in the six months to June 30. According to figures released by the Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI), Ford registered a total of 397 cars and commercial vehicles during June giving it market leadership for the month and bringing the blue oval’s six month tally to a total of 15,006 units (10,027 cars and 4,979 vans).  Ford’s six month sales total finished ahead of VW with 14,005 units (10,945 cars and 3,060 vans) and Toyota who registered 12,165 units (10,807 cars and 1,358 vans).

“We are delighted to be at the top of the sales charts at this point as we head into the important July sales period when we welcome the new 162 registration”’ said Ciarán McMahon, Chairman and Managing Director of Ford Ireland.  “With the continued upward trend in car sales and, in particular, the stronger growth in commercial vehicle sales, we are very hopeful that Ford will see out the year as the top-selling brand in Ireland for the combined market of cars and vans.”

“Certainly, our 162 promotional offers with up to €4,750 off selected models are sure to strike a chord with the large number of consumers who are in the market for a new car.  Anecdotal evidence from our Dealer body across the country would indicate that there is a high level of interest from prospective buyers.  So much so that I think that for the first time since the new registration system was introduced in 2013, we could see July sales coming close to matching, if not surpassing, the sales figure for January.”

Retaining its position as Ireland’s favourite range of vans, Ford’s Transit range again dominated the van sales chart both for June and the year-to-date sales alike.  In relation to cars, the Ford Focus and the Ford Fiesta were both placed in the top-ten best-selling models in third and seventh place respectively.