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Dacia Sell Almost 3000 Vehicles Already


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It’s hard to believe that Dacia are already celebrating their third anniversary in Ireland, but even more impressive is the fact that they have already beat registrations for the full year of 2014 in just six months. Almost 3,000 Dacias have been registered here since the start of the year with over 500 Dacia vehicles registered in the new registration period, a great achievement for the brand in Ireland, and moves Dacia up to 12th position in the market. Since 1st July 2015, 545 Dacia vehicles have been registered, with 317 Sandero and Stepways and 206 Dusters registered in the first 10 days. Three years ago this month, Dacia launched on the Irish market, causing quite a stir in the Irish motor industry, and it’s still causing quite the stir! Arriving in the midst of the recession was seen as risky by some, and very clever by others, but it proved the right time for the brand to enter the Irish market. Cash strapped customers embraced the shockingly affordable brand and Dacia began to make its own mark on the market.

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In the three short years that Dacia has been on sale here its four models have impacted on the Irish motor market, with the Duster kicking its segment competitors into touch with its city-car pricing. No other car in the country offers the same price, size and equipment for the money. Duster is currently the best-selling car in its class and almost 4,000 Dusters have been sold here since launch. This year Dacia launched the Duster Commercial, which is now available in Ireland. Ireland’s most affordable and best value car, the Sandero (from just €99 a month with Dacia Finance) and its chunkier sibling, the Stepway, are continuing to be incredibly popular, with registrations already up over 50% on the full year last year, after only six months.

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Logan MCV is also selling well, with almost as many Logan MCVs registered YTD as there were for 2014, and it’s becoming a favourite of taxi drivers, because of its roomy interior and boot size. The availability of finance for Dacia customers through Renault’s own bank, Renault Finance, over the last three years coupled with Dacia’s flexible payment plans has been a key factor in Dacia’s rise through the ranks. The real success of the Dacia brand is down to the no nonsense, break the rules attitude of eliminating the unnecessary giving customers the ability to buy exactly what they need and nothing more. All Dacia engines are Band A or B meaning very low road tax, and come with a standard three year, 100,000KM warranty, extendable to five year/200,000KM warranty.

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Paddy Magee, Country Operations Manager, Dacia Ireland:

“It’s only been three short years since Dacia launched here, but already its feels like it’s been around a lot longer, and the increased registrations are proof that Irish people are still looking for good value at a good price. Dacia is at 3% of the market YTD, a great achievement for a new brand entering a competitive market and is performing well ahead of some well-known brands. We are delighted that  people are still embracing the Dacia brand and selling almost 3,000 cars in just over six months, the same as the whole of last year, means it continues to increase in popularity with the Irish customer”.