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CharIN Appoints Derek Reilly for Ireland Ambassador Role


The Charging Interface Initiative e.V. (CharIN) is proud to announce the appointment of Derek Reilly as the new Irish Ambassador. In this role, Mr. Reilly will play a vital role in promoting the adoption of CCS and MCS for electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Ireland.

As the Irish Ambassador, Mr. Reilly will have a range of responsibilities centered around promoting CharIN and the global charging standards CCS and MCS. He will focus on raising awareness among Irish stakeholders, including government policymakers, industry leaders, and the public. Additionally, he will advocate for the adoption of these standards within Ireland’s public and private charging infrastructure. Mr. Reilly will also collaborate with CharIN members in Ireland to ensure the implementation of high-quality charging infrastructure and represent CharIN at various industry events and conferences across the country.

We are delighted to welcome Derek Reilly as our new Ambassador,” said Claas Bracklo, Chairman of CharIN. “Derek’s extensive experience and passion for the future of e- mobility will be invaluable to empower the next level of green mobility and energy.

Adopting a global charging standard such as CCS and MCS is crucial for ensuring the interoperability, safety, and efficiency of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Ireland. By implementing these standards, Ireland can simplify the charging experience for electric vehicle drivers, encourage investment in public charging infrastructure, and promote the development of a sustainable transportation system. This approach not only enhances user convenience but also supports environmental sustainability.

Eamon Ryan, Minister for Transport, Environment, Climate and CommunicationsDerek Reilly is a strong advocate for the advancement of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and their experience makes them eminently qualified to serve as ambassador to CharIN. I am confident that he will play a key role in promoting international collaboration on charging standards and accelerating the transition to electric mobility.

Shane Prendergast, Programme Manager – EV Charging Infrastructure & Smart Networks with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland commentedWith the increases in electrification of transport and growth in the charging solutions and market it is imperative to have charging software and hardware standardised and interoperable, ensuring the best experience for the customer. CharIN provide a valuable support in this area encouraging all stakeholders to work together and provide a reliable, easy and smooth user experience.

Mr Prendergast added “SEAI are delighted with the announcement of Derek Reilly Irish Ambassador to the Charging Infrastructure Alliance. Derek will continue his fantastic work in the area of EVs  and utilise his experience and passion for the area to promote the standardisation of EV charging standards. SEAI see the standardisation of charging infrastructure as a critical enabler to the decarbonisation and electrification of transport in Ireland. Derek will bring his enthusiasm to the role and hopefully encourage Ireland on a pathway of secure, integrated, interoperable and reliable charging infrastructure for all in Ireland”.

Mr Reilly stated “I saw the great work CharIN was doing around the world. As the leading global association with over 300 members dedicated to promoting standards in the field of charging systems for charging EVs of all types, I wanted to make sure Ireland was part of the conversation”.