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Next month all compact Audi models will roll off the assembly line with a new filter in the air conditioning system. This not only removes fine particulates and harmful gases from the air, but also neutralises the majority of all allergens. With the new filter, Audi is setting a new standard worldwide in the premium compact segment. A new air conditioning filter will be used in the Audi A1, A3, Q3 and TT model series beginning in June. The new Audi Q2 will be equipped with the filter at market launch. Customers can also have their cars in the respective model series retrofitted with the new filter as part of their regularly scheduled service intervals.

The filter is available in two different versions, each of which comprises three layers. What makes them special is the new outer carrier layer, which now features an additional anti-allergen effect. One variant reduces allergens by means of plant-derived, bioactive substances called polyphenols, which attach themselves to the receptors of the allergens. The other uses a modification of the protein structure to achieve the desired effect. Independent tests by specialised testing institutions such as SGS Fresenius, which investigates allergenic properties, and Fiatec GmbH, which tests filter properties, confirm the high effectiveness of the new Audi filters.

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The two layers present in existing filters also make a significant contribution to the high air quality in the interior. The filtration layer made up of special microfibres removes even the tiniest of particulates from the air. Gaseous impurities are also trapped in the activated carbon layer. A comprehensive measurement series documents the high effectiveness of the filter system. The arrangement of the layers ensures outstanding separation performance and conditioner air throughput over the life of the filter.