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BMW Group Ireland Posts Leading Sales Results


BMW Group Ireland has closed out 2021 as leader in the Irish premium vehicle sales segment with a total of 5,049 BMW and MINI vehicles delivered to customers. This is the first time since 2008 the BMW Group has achieved such a result in Ireland.

“We have achieved solid and sustainable sales growth,” said Kevin Davidson, Managing Director, BMW Group Ireland.  “Thanks to our wide-ranging model line-up, high customer demand and our operating performance, we have been able to deliver this strong result in 2021. It is particularly pleasing that we have also more than doubled our sales of electrified vehicles,” explained Davidson. BMW Group Ireland grew its sales of both BMW and MINI fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles with 1,951 units sold in 2021 and has 35.35% of the electrified premium segment. “This is a significant achievement, with models such as the all-new electric BMW iX3 and MINI Electric playing an important role in delivering fully electric vehicles to customers.”

The Future
“Our order book has never been as full as it is today. The Coronavirus and chip shortages are having an impact on the entire industry. More than ever, we have continued to invest in communication – increasingly digital – with customers.” continued Davidson.
This year is already shaping up to be very exciting as the all-new BMW iX and BMW i4 models start to arrive on Irish shores. Later this year, these models will be joined by the all-new BMW i7, the all-electric variant of a new generation of BMW’s flagship, the BMW 7 Series. In the coming years, further models, including fully electric versions of the high-volume BMW 5 Series, the BMW X1 and a successor to the MINI Countryman will arrive. In addition, the BMW 2 Series line-up will be expanded in February with the stunning BMW 2 Series Coupe.

BMW Sales Performance
During 2021, BMW 4,457 delivered vehicles (+42.3%) to customers in Ireland and when compared to 2019, sales are up 11 per cent. Top performers include the recently refreshed BMW 5 Series with 1,075 units sold. With sales of 725 units, the BMW X5 underlined its strong position in the Irish premium segment. Meanwhile sales of the BMW 3 Series underscored BMW Group Ireland’s performance with 700 units. Models such as the BMW 2 Series Saloon and Gran Coupe have also added further choice and variety to BMW’s model line-up.

MINI Grows Sales of Electrified Vehicles
The MINI brand sold a total of 592 vehicles growing its sales significantly with electrified models; the MINI Electric and MINI Countryman Plug-in Hybrid accounted for nearly half of all MINI’s sold. This year also promises to be full of new products and surprises for MINI. Starting in February 2022, the brand will turn to numerous special, limited and exceptional editions. MINI will also focus on building the new brand strategy around BIG LOVE.

The rapid electrification of the range is also worth noting. By 2023, BMW Group will have 25 electrified models, more than half of them fully electric. “Customers, both business and private, are rightly making increasingly high demands on sustainable mobility,” explains Kevin Davidson. “With the BMW Group, we are at the forefront. Not only in terms of emissions – think of our electric range or the eDrive zones where BMW hybrids automatically drive in electric mode in Irish cities – but also in terms of production.”

As the BMW Group anchors sustainability in the heart of its corporate strategy, there is a goal to reduce emissions in every aspect of Company’s business and to achieve this reducing its vehicles’ carbon footprint throughout their lifecycle has become the key priority. From raw material extraction, through production and the use phase, to end-of-life recycling as well as investing in alternative technologies such as Hydrogen fuel cell technology highlights the range and depth of activities the Company is undertaking to become the leader in sustainable mobility.