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With Dad likely to be doing most of the driving on Summer holidays abroad, many are unaware that foreign countries can have lower alcohol driving limits than the English limit, particularly in Europe.  This increases the risk of unintentionally driving the ‘morning after’ a few glasses of wine or beer the night before.  On a road trip, this becomes particularly important. These testers use smaller versions of exactly the same sensor used in several by the Gardai approved breathalysers. This allows you to be safe the morning after the night before. The good news is they can also work with any limit in the world and the Pro has over 40 countries limits and legal requirements pre-programmed to help drivers comply with local alcohol laws.

Take for example if Dad’s driving you through France, to comply with French law, he’ll also need to keep an AlcoSense NF Certified Single Use breathalyser in the car with him.  This is the only country that requires this. This single-use breathalyser only works with the French limit and AlcoSense is one of only two manufacturers to be approved under NF regulations. We have been testing the AlcoSense Pro here in Rev and find it very accurate. The good thing is it tells you when you will be fit to drive! We strongly recommend this device as you never know when you will be breathalysed and its best to be safe rather than sorry! Log on to www.alcosense.co.uk or ask in your local Halfords.