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2015 Topaz Efficient Fuels Campaign


Taking a break from their normal duties, four of Ireland’s top sports and media personalities were on hand last week to participate in the Topaz Test and officially launch the 2015 Topaz Efficient Fuels Campaign. It was game on as rugby legend and Topaz ambassador Alan Quinlan, FIFA Puskas Award runner-upStephanie Roche, Love/Hate actor Laurence Kinlan and TV presenter Anna Daly battled it out in a pair of SEAT Leons to determine which team were the better drivers. The two teams had to drive a series of challenges at MondelloPark, with Alan Quinlan and Laurence Kinlan emerging as the victors.

The Topaz Efficient Fuels campaign encourages drivers to adopt more efficient driving techniques, reassuring motorists that the fuel imported and supplied by Topaz is of the highest quality in the market, taking motorists up to 24km or 15 miles further on a tank of fuel compared to standard fuels.

Speaking of the campaign, Paul Candon, Marketing & Corporate Services Director at Topaz said: “In launching the Topaz Fuel Efficiency campaign we aim to remind motorists of the differences in fuel quality available in the Irish market and the importance of purchasing fuel from a reputable and trusted source.”

He continued: “Poor fuel quality and driving techniques can have a significant impact on the price motorists pay to run their car so we hope this campaign will encourage motorists to consider their fuel supplier, adopt more efficient driving techniques and save them some money in the process.”   

Topaz’ efficient driving tips are available to view on www.topaz.ie


Below is a video from the Topaz Test.